The first-principles calculations results reveal that the Ti O1−x Nx shows large number vacancies segregated in Ti O-part.The charge redistributed around Ti vacancy constitutes the main contribution to the stabilization rather than the Ti–Ti bond across the O vacancy through analyzing the electron density difference plots and PDOS .


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XNX is an extremely flexible transmitter that can be configured to accept an input from any of the Honeywell Analytics range of gas sensor technologies.

It can also be configured to provide a wide variety of industry standard output signals.

This enables users to have a single type of interface to all their gas detection needs, even when different types of detectors are employed, to most effectively address the different gas detection applications on site.

The structural properties and mixing thermodynamic of Ti C1−x Nx and Ti O1−x Nx (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) solid solutions have been studied by X-ray diffraction method and first-principles calculations.

The Ti C1−x Nx and Ti O1−x Nx compounds were synthesized via solid-state reaction and the analysis of XRD patterns show the properties of continuous solid solutions over the whole composition range.