One of our consultants, a university professor with a doctorate in testing, said that Adventist Contact is matching on the only system ever scientifically validated for compatibility, which is similar likes, dislikes, attitudes and life practices.

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Our parents, although both Adventists from similar backgrounds, had a terrible marriage that ended in divorce because they were incompatible and too many family and friends dated and married out of our faith with resulting problems. There had to be a better way and Adventist Contact was born.

In 1972, Contacts founder made an appointment with a high-ranking General Conference official.

Since duplicate services are counterproductive, he wanted to be sure that the organized church was not already working on a matching ministry.

We know of no other dating service, Adventist or secular, which has benefited so greatly from such capable professional assistance. In obedience to the words of Christ in Matthew 6: 1 and 3, LNT "Take care! " and " do a kindness to someone, do it secretly..." Contact has never published the names or photos of its staff, consultants, employees or volunteers.

Don't do your good deeds publicly, to be admired . Adventist Contact, an on-line dating service exclusively for Adventists, has been in research and development since 1972.

Couples who met through Adventist Contact in 1974 and wed in 1975 are still happily married.

We know of no other dating service with a track record this long or with participants who have been happily married for so long.

The official said that the organized church is not working on a matching ministry, but the organized church would be grateful if Contacts founder would do it for them.

Contacts founder is university trained and decades' experienced as an innovator and coordinator.