Indeed, the one thing I loved and missed about Outlook is the nicely formatted widescreen column view.I consider this vertically oriented view to be an outmoded and archaic UI pattern that represents a missed opportunity for Thunderbird.

PUT_LINE ('YOU QUALIFY FOR A DISCOUNT OF 30%'); INV_ID|INV_DATETIME |INV_SUBTOTAL|INV_DISCOUNT| INV_TOTAL ----------|------------------------------|------------|------------|----------- 100|14-NOV-12 .918000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 101|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 102|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 103|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $80.00| $8.00| $72.00 104|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 105|12-JUN-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 106|06-AUG-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 107|04-MAY-12 .000000 | $.00| $.00| $.00 108|29-NOV-12 .000000 | $25.00| $5.00| $22.50 109|18-MAR-12 .000000 | $50.00| $15.00| $45.00 108 is suppose to be 20% of 25, the discount amount is correct but the inv_total is not, it should be $20, not $22.50 109 is suppose to be 30% of 50 the discount amount is correct but inv_total should be $35 103 calculates fine, which is 10% discount It's perfectly possible to update multiple columns in the same statement, and in fact your code is doing it.

So why does it seem that "INV_TOTAL is not updating, only the inv_discount"?

Because you're updating INV_TOTAL with INV_DISCOUNT, and the database is going to use the I guess the issue here is that you are updating INV_DISCOUNT and the INV_TOTAL uses the INV_DISCOUNT. You can use returning clause of update statement to use the new INV_DISCOUNT and use it to update INV_TOTAL.

I used Thunderbird off and on as my email client back in my Windows days (dark days indeed), and then again on Mac OS X for a while.

I finally switched to Apple’s official Mail client and haven’t interacted with Thunderbird much until I started thinking about writing this review.

So, can Thunderbird earn it’s keep as a primary email application? I have used several email clients over the years on both Windows and Macintosh.

Yes, I have used Outlook as my primary email client for a few years and am fully aware of what it can (and can’t) do.

Last year, I settled on Sparrow for a while, it was a great email client. I currently believe it is the best email client of all time. After double clicking the disk image, the resulting window is nice looking with obvious instructions.

I’m always open to finding new and better email clients and so I was glad for the opportunity to try Thunderbird again. Unfortunately, in my opinion that is probably the most streamlined and best looking part of the experience with Thunderbird.

But, though I am a bit disparaging of the looks of Thunderbird, it is functional.

On first open of the application, a setup wizard is presented. The default view is very reminiscent of the only view available in for many, many years so I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on Thunderbird. One of the reasons I gave up on and went to Sparrow for a period of time is because of vertical view.