While three fourths of all human societies permit the taking of multiple wives (and most of them encourage the practice by law and custom), a woman's marriage to multiple husbands is sanctioned in fewer than 1 percent of societies.Is it any wonder that marriage counselors, divorce lawyers, prostitutes and the corporation that runs Hooters do such thriving business?

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In fact, sex is an excellent starting point for understanding how our physical differences help to predict our ethics.

To begin with, the anatomical contrast between the sex cells of men and women is extreme.

The human egg is 85,000 times larger than the human sperm, and the implications of this vast disparity lays the groundwork for moral conflicts between Venus and Mars.

A woman produces only about 400 eggs during her entire lifetime (of which only 20 or so can actually become infants).Men release in the neighborhood of 100 million sperm with each ejaculation. Although the man's genes will benefit as much as the woman's, his investment will be far less than hers unless she can convince him to stay and help raise the kids. "It pays males to be aggressive, hasty, fickle and undiscriminating ..."Once he has achieved fertilization, [the male's] purely physical commitment has ended," notes famed biologist E. [and] for females to be coy, to hold back until they can identify the males with the best genes," Wilson continues."If a man were given total freedom to act, he could theoretically inseminate thousands of women in his lifetime, while women must protect their precious few children." Female humans are relative prudes compared to our ape cousins, it turns out.At her sexual prime, a female chimp advertises her wares with a large pink patch of sexual skin, and for 10 days during a 36-day cycle, she copulates several dozen times a day with every male she can get her hands on.Human males are "moderately polygynous," on the other hand, and initiate most of the changes in sexual partnership.