The film opens with Lalu, a friend of Dave Seville's, putting up a banner saying, "Welcome Chipmunks" on the porch of her magic cottage.One of her friends, Gilda (a talking cockatoo), believes that having children around is a bad idea.PC (a talking frog who believes that he is one kiss away from being Prince Charming) says that his mother used to say, "Nothing warms up a home like children's laughter." Dave, who has to go out of town, arrives with The Chipmunks and The Chipettes whom Lalu is happy to have stay with her and her friends.

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Alvin doesn't like that Dave left, and Lalu explains that she felt the same way when she was young.

To help cheer him up, they play as Peter Pan and Captain Hook for a while.

Back inside, Lalu tells Gilda, Alvin, and Brittany a story about a sea serpent attacking a ship, when Simon comes in all wet.

Simon explains that the toilet exploded, caused by Theodore.

After hearing this, Theodore tells the truth, and Lalu congratulates him.

As Lalu is readying Eleanor for nap time, Brittany comes in saying that Jeanette stole and ate her lipstick.As PC sings "Rock-a-bye Chipmunk" to Eleanor, Alvin and Simon try to steal Theodore's teddy bear when he's napping with a fishing line, but Lalu catches them.Lalu sees that the toilet is filled with a hair brush, tooth picks, a toy horse, shoes, squeak toys, etc.Gilda tells PC that he was supposed to be watching Theodore.Theodore lies and said it was Gilda ("Sometimes I Lie").Lalu explains that she was mad about the toilet exploding, but remembers that we all make mistakes sometimes, and tells Theodore of a time she made a mistake.