Leighton wrapped up her Broadway run in the summer.Remember when James Franco creeped on a 17 year old girl and then blamed her for putting him on blast on social media? But it’s so amazing let’s hope they actually got it right.

who is leighton meester dating september 2016-26

Michelle wrote back: My pop culture heart is exploding with joy.

Full Story Blake Lively opted not to go and stay in Vancouver with Ryan Reynolds instead. And she has proved she can do well at the Met Gala.

Leighton Meester takes us back to the eighteenth century in her new comedy Making History.

Which is as excited as I was when they first started dating… Full Story Leighton Meester did not walk the carpet with Adam Brody at the premiere of his new movie Some Girl(s) last night. So it's kinda like their public debut as a couple.

At least that's what some outlets are calling it. Whether it's the first time or the eight time, it's still Blair and Seth.

Full Story Duana sent Michelle and me an email half an hour ago: PLEASE tell me this is Top Story today And attached to it a link about how “Seth Cohen is dating Blair Waldorf”.

Or, for those of you who don’t speak high school tv series, Adam Brody is dating Leighton Meester...

When I saw pictures of Leighton Meester at the Fox Upfront I actually shouted out, by myself, in my office the other day – YES! Full Story James Franco’s been performing on Broadway in Of Mice And Men with Chris O’Dowd.

Full Story Leighton Meester gave birth to her baby with Adam Brody like a while ago. In a hospital way out of town, so that you wouldn’t know and chase them while they took their first shaky walks with the stroller or yell at them for using the baby carrier wrong. It wasn’t an immediate slam dunk though, because it’s an article in response to an article in response to an article… Leighton Meester is currently starring in Of Mice and Men on Broadway as Curly’s Wife.

” Duana and I and our friend Michelle used to watch Gossip Girl together. But I feel like her rank on the celebrity scale is… Why isn’t she considered the breakout superstar of Gossip Girl? Full Story The most curious article came across my desk this morning.

The only acceptable answer to this question is “Yes, of course, I’m a Blair, who would want to be a Serena? Leighton Meester wore Balmain to the premiere of The Judge last night. She’s completed a couple of other film projects and is also still doing some television.