We sped up the BPM, made the drums a bit groovier and threw in a couple quirky chords and vocal chops to give it an identity of its own.

Competing against thousands of others who auditioned for the show, she succeeded in making it to the finals (top ten), but did not win a spot on the five member band.

By the end of 2005, she released under the TC Music record label, her first maxi single, "I'll Make It Real", which includes the b-side "Loverboy" plus some remixes of the b-side and later released her debut album, Wonderful Crazy.

Tarver's debut music video "Wonderful Crazy" was released in 2006 and heavy rotation on numerous CCM outlets in United States, peaking at #1 on the national CCM chart in CRW magazine. with the Radio Disney Incuba Tor Tour and also joined The Jonas Brothers on a portion of Radio Disney's Jingle Jam Tour in the fall 2006.

Her song "Something In Me" was also included in the TV series South of Nowhere. She filmed a new TV ad campaign for the Gospel Music Channel and co-host the Miss Freedom Pageant with MJ Garrett from MTV's The Real World.

Click the ❤️ at FREE DOWNLOAD: bit.ly/Young Bombs MUSIC SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST: @katelyntarver NEWS FLASH: Meet Peanut. He eats everything, farts like a steam engine and destroys everything in sight. So we rewarded his cuteness with "soundcloud fame". Expect him to be on the cover of US Weekly sometime soon and dating T-Swift.

He's got ADD, ADHD, tourettes and something else that hasn't been discovered yet. He'll just continue licking his own butt and stuff, completely oblivious to his new celebrity status.Maybe..maybe....we're in the presence of a legend? Unlike our usual remixes of dance and indie artists, we decided to take a stab at a poppier track.We love the vocal hook and thought we could make it into something fresh and dancey.Her debut album was re-released, under the name Brand New Day, which includes her new single, called "Chasing Echoes" which was produced by Andy and Adam, the writers and producers of Jesse Mc Cartney's #1 hit "Beautiful Soul".This will only be available in Japan for 2006 and in the United States soon. Using motion capture Tarver acted as the title character in the direct-to-video movie The Barbie Diaries, released in 2006.To promote the album, Tarver was in Japan and the Philippines for a 2-week promotional tour, starting on October 18 in Japan and then continuing in the Philippines on October 24 with numerous live performances, interviews and television appearances. She is represented by Wilhelmina Models (New York). Sensors recorded her movement, so her movements would control the movement of the animated figure of Mattel's Barbie.