They beat up Del Boy after he failed to repay money owed to them, and in the same episode left Mickey Pearce and Jevon with broken bones for a similar reason.In a similar joke to the different-looking Del and Rodney being brothers, the Driscoll brothers also differ in height, but by a good 18 inches (460 mm), though in their case the taller brother has the brains.The pair appear to have a love-hate relationship, as they often argue but continually work together to get what they want.

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A., and one of the coolest new bromances this side of Steve and Bo.

now transfers to the Lyric for an extended West End run!

With a BBC Radio Four series and eight years of festivals and touring to their name, The Showstoppers have delighted audiences around the world with their ingenious, unique blend of comedy, musical theatre and spontaneity.

The cast includes Ruth Bratt, Justin Brett, Dylan Emery, Pippa Evans, Susan Harrison, Sean Mc Cann, Adam Meggido, Philip Pellew, Andrew Pugsley, Oliver Senton, Lucy Trodd, and Sarah-Louise Young, with seven cast members appearing per performance plus a live on-stage band.

(Played by Tony Anholt) Abdul Khan only appeared in one episode; "To Hull and Back", where he and Boycie arranged a deal with Del, in order to smuggle diamonds from Amsterdam.

Although, this was the only episode in which he appeared, Abdul was also mentioned in "Diamonds Are for Heather" when Del tells Heather where he got the engagement ring, "Video Nasty" when Del had struck a deal with Abdul's cousin's girlfriend's brother's friend, and in the second Rock & Chips episode "Five Gold Rings" when Del tells his friends that he got four glass diamond rings from Abdul's father, who owns the Bermondsey Wholesale Jewellery Emporium.

(Played by Philip Mc Gough) Appeared in the episode "Chain Gang".

A conman, Arnie sold Del Boy, Boycie, Mike, Trigger, Uncle Albert and Rodney a batch of 24 carat gold chains for £12,500, only to later double cross them by faking a heart attack in a restaurant and making off with both the chains and the money in an ambulance driven by his sons.

The group eventually tracked him down while he was performing the same scam on Denzil and drove Arnie away in an ambulance of their own.

(Played by Roy Marsden and Christopher Ryan) Danny and Tony Driscoll, usually known as the Driscoll brothers, they only appeared in one episode - "Little Problems" - but were mentioned in numerous others.

The Driscoll brothers were the local gangsters with a fearsome reputation for violence (although in order to avoid serious problems with the police, they followed a strict rule in never harming the victim's head).