Meeting was created to provide the ways to meet people online.Our mission is to provide a meeting place where millions of single people could meet each other, relax, and feel happy, where every alone heart can find the soulmate! Hello there I thought I would give this internet dating a try seeing how busy I keep at work these days.

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Therefore based on that I am open to meeting/dating anyone who is kind hearted, open minded, and not afraid to have fun and try new things.

A little about me I love to travel, nature, lakes/water, the beach & ocean, and soaking up peace from within by a walk on the beach.

After meeting a lot of the wrong kinds of people I know what I am looking for now.

Life is short so why not enjoy and spend it with someone worth while and who appreciates the good qualities in each other for who you are. Someone who can stand on their own 2 feet without constant guidance/acceptance from friends and parents.

I will leave you with this question to ponder in your brains.

What Do You Think About In The Silence Of Getting Your Haircut When You Cant Use Your I Pod Or Other Electrical Devices?The qualities I am looking for are someone who is open minded and enjoys life.Someone who is Authentic and not afraid to try new things and be themselves.Someone who can identify with reality not the National Enquirer.If this someone is you or I have intrigued you in any way please feel free to contact me.If you would like to get to know me more Read The Following Backwards notsnevercd on liamg That is direct to me.