It’s really hard to focus on [the dances] and nurture the relationship.” What do you think, Hollywood Lifers?

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She is friends with Whitney, but that wouldn’t stop her from going out with Chris if he asked her. She didn’t go on the Becca came very close to getting the diamond ring the first time around.

She was the runner-up for his heart, but after being unable to tell him that she loved him, she lost out to Whitney.

Maybe now that she’s not under the harsh glare of reality TV lights, she’ll be able to express how she really feels.

stars Chris Soules, 33, and Whitney Bischoff, 29, have called off their engagement.

Diamonds may be forever, but reality TV love clearly has an expiration date.

Becca Tilley, 25, was the runner-up in the race to win Chris’s heart and now, it sounds like she’d like another chance at love with the hunky farmer.

Hollywood has the EXCLUSIVE on how she really feels about the newly single Chris.

Chris and Whitney found love on a reality show, but it may have been another one that broke them up.

Chris told Hollywood that appearing on put a strain on their relationship.