To learn more about how to captivate a man’s heart, here’s the new program that will ensure the smooth sail of your relationship without ever appearing pushy and desperate by bringing up the talk: Four Components Of Melting His Heart (that is responsible in getting my client Chrissy engaged to her boyfriend of 6 months!

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That will protect you better than bringing up “the talk.” Hence, when you feel the speed of courtship has been too slow, don’t close off your options. Your “hard-to-get” stance is enough to give him the pressure without ever uttering a word of ultimatum.

He intuitively knows that unless he steps up, someone else might snatch you away from him. He feels manly because he doesn’t feel controlled by a woman and you have your dignity intact that will increase your value in his eyes.

And the relationship will feel so much more satisfying to both of you when he leads from the start to the finish line. The beauty of this philosophy is even if he’s not really ready, you can still make him see how truly remarkable a woman you are!

A guy can’t wait to tell you if things have changed or if they want you for themselves. If you stay firm in your feminine allure, likelihood is he might change his stance about not wanting a relationship with you because he sees how different and self-assured you are. So bottom line, playing hard to get is trusting a man’s leadership on every stage of relationship.

You don’t need to worry about how to have the relationship talk. And a lot of times men do one way or another when we don’t disrupt the chase.

And mind you, you shouldn’t be exclusive with him unless he says so himself.A man understands that unless he tells you, exclusivity isn’t assumed.And most guys will also tell you pretty much right of the bat if they just want to date casually or don’t want a relationship with you. There are women who keep asking even after being told repeatedly where they stood as if it needed a status update every 2 weeks or so. If he is on the same page as you regarding raising a family, he will take action accordingly. If he appears not sure, there are better ways to approach this than asking a blatant question of where is the relationship going, or giving an ultimatum unless he brings the subject first, of course. Do you think that will make the men want to commit more now? Hard To Get: The Timeless Art Of Conquering His Heart A man who intends to go the long haul with you will have already considered the fact that you might be at the brink of your reproductive years. Having the relationship talk won’t make him like you more. I recommend additional reading on the subject to further understand this primal drive for a man to be inspired to do what’s right. He will move the relationship forward when he’s ready, not any moment before that.