From its start in 1997, this Domain has attempted to be a more technical adjunct to a standard local Public Library.

We note that she did it perfectly successfully as a teenager, and we believe THAT HER OWN BODY could use her (flawless) UNIQUE childhood DNA to do it again to replace a cancerous breast as an adult.

NO adverse effects should happen to the woman, who comes out of this as a wonderful, COMPLETE person as though no cancer had ever occured to her! All young children have an amazing capability that neither of the parents can do, that of satisfying the "Tooth Fairy" with growing a brand new ADULT tooth each time a Baby Tooth falls out.

Our Research suggests that SOME DNA bases seem to have a time-schedule for when they can initiate the amino acid and protein formation, which seems to be true, for a few years, for children to have that "New Adult Teeth" capability.

Our Research suggests that if a (UNIQUE) PRIOR PERSONAL childhood DNA data set is held in archive, then it should be possible for that person to re-grow brand new teeth when any are lost as an adult.

This approach might enable billions of adults to grow a full set of brand new natural teeth!

The same functionality of time-limited DNA activity may initiate Alzheimer's or Parkinson's in elderly people, where that archived childhood FLAWLESS DNA might be able to initiate reconstruction and replacement of contaminated tissues with FLAWLESS NEW tissues for a wonderful life! A thorough examination of the Physics involved provides new insights into evaluating the many weight-loss programs sold today.

It does not appear that ANY of the thousands of (alleged) weight-loss programs that are sold actually consider the actual science involved!

Most subjects are presented excellently in many other encyclopedias, books and web-pages.

I only felt the responsibility to assemble and compose the presentations in this Domain when I, as a Theoretical Physicist, felt that available sources were not strictly scientifically accurate or not complete.