Additionally, she will also be the host of the new podcast, "Fearless Conversation with Abby Wambach," and contribute to other ESPN and ESPN Film productions.Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling tips his cap to the fans as he is taken out of a game during the sixth inning against the Colorado Rockies in Game 2 of Major League Baseball's World Series in Boston, in this file image taken October 25, 2007.Schilling announced his retirement March 23, 2009 after six All-Star appearances, three World Series championships and a reputation as one of baseball's big-game performers.

Schilling was also suspended last summer for posting social media memes critical of radical Muslim extremists, which some considered to be demeaning to all Muslims.

After ESPN issued a memo earlier this year advising its on-air personalities to refrain from "politically editorializing," ESPN had seemingly no problem cutting the cord on Schilling's employment after he spoke out against transgender individuals going into women's bathrooms.

In a statement, the company labeled Schilling's act of voicing his conservative political views as "unacceptable" and terminated his employment in the name of inclusivity.

Following Schilling's termination, the MLB great spoke to Breitbart and explained that although ESPN encourages their on-air personalities to hush their political views, ESPN has apparently created a culture where it is OK to be political as long as you agree with the Democratic agenda."It was apparent to me early on that if you wanted to go off topic as a sportsperson, you had to go off topic left or you were going to get into trouble," Schilling said, adding that some ESPN employees are hesitant to let it be known that they are also Republicans.

soccer forward who received international fame for scoring the dramatic game-winning goal in the semi-finals of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

United States of America forward Abby Wambach (20) salutes fans as she walks off the field following her final appearance with the team following a game against the China PR in the final game of the World Cup Victory Tour that took place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Dec 16, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

After ESPN fired analyst Curt Schilling for being too political in voicing his support for North Carolina's transgender bathroom law, the Disney-owned media company has hired former professional soccer player, avid LGBT activist and Hillary Clinton supporter Abby Wambach.

Earlier this week, ESPN hired the 35-year-old, two-time Olympic gold medal-winning American soccer player and all-time leading scorer in international play to analyze soccer games during this summer's Olympics in Rio and the Union of European Football Associations' European Championships, The Associated Press reports.

The hiring of Wambach, who is a married lesbian who has campaigned for Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and also plead guilty to a DUI in April, could prove Schilling's point.