The style of the images suggests that T’oros had several assistants helping with the illustrations, although the overall quality remains extremely high.The manuscript was long cherished within the Armenian Church.Even in the 17th century, its illumination served as a model for Armenian scribes, particularly Bargham and his son Mik’ayel.

This Armenian manuscript was made in 1262 by T’oros Roslin, the celebrated illuminator who extended the iconographic repertoire by defining a narrative Gospel cycle beyond the traditional portraits of the Evangelists.

This signed manuscript was created at the scriptorium of Hromkla (present-day Rum Kalesi, Turkey), which became the leading artistic center of Armenian Cilicia under the rule of Catholicos Constantine I (1221-67).

As an extensive colophon starting on folio 406 verso explains, T’oros created this manuscript under commission from the nephew of Constantine, a priest also named T’oros.

It is one of seven known manuscripts bearing T’oros Roslin’s signature, and it is the most sumptuous of them all, with 15 miniatures and 67 smaller illustrations.

Reincarnation is a 2008 fantasy novel by American author Suzanne Weyn. It tells the story of a two lovers who attempt to find each other through the centuries. The individuals are followed throughout Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the American Civil War, Paris (Just prior to World War II), the 1960s in the United States, and finally as modern day teenagers.

In the first setting of the story the female protagonist is a Cro-Magnon (more developed caveman), and the male protagonist is a Neanderthal, man a little behind Cro-Magnon in evolution, thus unable to capture the concept of speech.The female, May, is ready to get married soon, and will be linked to Lenar by her deity, the Great Mother. They meet each other near the cave that May visits when they spot a green rock. May wanted it so that she could have her own ranking within her tribe, to be able to not marry an insensitive tribesman, Lenar, the first antagonist in the book.Kye wants it so that he may redeem himself within his tribe, for he had run away from a fight.The second antagonist is revealed through the perspective of Lenar as a female in his and May's tribe, Sha, who would gladly marry Lenar and has red curls which are passed down to her next lives.Future incarnations inherit May's singing, struggle with ranking in social groups, and that she is religious, and Kye's incarnations inherit aching head injuries.The incarnations also happen to be different in ethnicity like May and Kye.