This sense of realism makes virtual dating a virtual girlfriend more dynamic, enhancing the user experience of a virtual date by incorporating a real-life love interest. Again, My Virtual Girlfriend is a self-contained app and not something that is used to connect to other people who are interested in going on a virtual date.It is a cutting edge approach to an old technology based around chatting with A. Is superimposing a real person’s face over a virtual person pushing the envelope to far?Some critics pan the My Virtual Girlfriend for being a “a bit creepy” but regardless it has become one of the more popular virtual dating apps this year.

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“The players have been asking for more detailed customization to the characters .

We felt that adding a way for the player to use their own images would be a really fun feature.

Now they can put the face of a celebrity, a crush, their real life girlfriend or whoever that favorite person is.

In addition to that, we added even more body and face customizations that allows the players to further detail out the appearance of their dream date.” The Guild is an American comedy web series created by Felicia Day.

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WET Productions might actually be taking their virtual girlfriend app, My Virtual Girlfriend, in the right direction with their latest update to the i OS application.

Now, a user can take a photo using the device’s camera (or from a stored photo in the library)and put it over the face of your virtual girlfriend.

A lot of the content is parody work and pokes fun at mainstream pop culture.

The Guild has it’s very own ode to virtual dating (specifically mmorpg virtual dating) with the hit song “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” that puts the microscope over the new online dating phenomenon and entertains the viewer with song and dance.

Dating avatars is just one level of virtual dating and often is a complex one with that considering how time consuming modern mmorpgs have become.