Overview: The SPGrid View is similar to the asp Grid View.The SPGrid View is derived from the asp Grid View and has additional functionality.

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If you need more advanced formating such as for a multi choice field, create a new class that derives from Bound Field and use it in the SPGrid View.

, However I am just seeing Title and Attachment option only.

I have already done setting like: "Allow users to edit values for this property" is selected in central admin, as well in Web application permission is given to Edit personal information. Even when you enable “allow users to edit values for this property” option, only users with the Manage Profile permission can edit any property value for any user.

Still not able to see the properties which are allowed to edit. You can find out that only three permission levels have this permission.

Users are editing now in the Web Application_Content database, table All Users.

In the next situation : 1) connect your above created application to a User Profile Service Application (regardless the fact no connection (e.g AD) exists) 2) create a new web application and connect it to User Profile Service Application users can no longer edit /_layout/User Information page just because system now users User Profile Profile DB Users and they can edit only from My Site.

The user information is controlled through your My Site profile, not the local Site Collection profile (My Settings is the local site collection profile).

Try to grant one of these permissions to the user, then check the effect.

Site permissions Permission Permission: Edit Personal User Information Description: Users can change their own user information, such as adding a picture.