MSSNY would like to know how widespread this issue is.

This includes sharing the results of our survey of nearly 1,000 respondents, which has generated extensive media coverage from across New York State, including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

Please add your voice to these efforts to better assure that physicians are not left holding the proverbial bag!

MSSNY has received notices from several physicians that reimbursement checks issued by HR have been returned by the bank for insufficient funds.

This is the same standard to which providers are held under Medicare and commercial insurances.

You must as an authorized provider follow the necessary process required, including: * Patients must be informed in writing, and provided with 30 days prior notice * Patients must be provided emergency care and/or prescriptions during that time period * Providers must contact the WCB, and may need to complete a specific form Please be aware of the following: Refusal to treat patients already under your care, before the official resignation of authorization has been processed by the NYSWCB, constitutes patient abandonment, and could be subject to administrative action by the NYSWCB, which is potentially reportable to NYSDOH For additional information, please refer to the NYSWCB website at or contact the Medical Director's Office at (800) 781-2362.

If you have claims outstanding with Health Republic, please take a moment to click on this link which will bring you to MSSNY’s grassroots action center and a letter which you can send to your elected State Senator and Assemblyman to call for action to assure that physicians and other healthcare stakeholders are paid for services rendered to patients of the now defunct Health Republic.

MSSNY continues to have regular communication with key state officials regarding how the wind-down of Health Republic will occur, and at what level and when payment can expect to be received.

Approved Template for Paper/Fax Prescriptions The BNE has approved a template for paper/fax prescriptions, which should be used to inform the Department of Health.

Please note that if the prescription issued for this reason is for a controlled substance, the quantity may not exceed a five-day supply. Should Your Status Regarding Your Decision to Treat Injured Workers Change It is required that any physician who is authorized by the NYSWCB to treat injured workers must maintain or dissolve a physician-patient relationship just as they would under any other form of insurance coverage.