Brew beer and spirits, or pop to the local town tavern to buy a drink and smoke your dwarven smoking pipe.

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Craft a wooden pipe or an orante gold pipe and dry off some herbs to smoke in the local drinking establishment, just be careful what you put in your pipe as some herbs are not as beneficial as others Disease and pestilence have struck some parts of the land, with citizens being struck down with various ailments.

Be wary on your travels as illness can strike, craft curative potions and bandages to heal yourself from the terrible effects.mayors quarantine residents who have contagious disease lest they spread it and create an epidemic in your town Trekking across the desert is not as easy as it seems when you have no water!

Immerse yourself (literally) with our very own thirst plugin.refresh yourself with soup, milk and water bottles, available in the food shops, become thirstier in deserts, melt snowballs into bottles in the frozen north, and stave off the terrible effects of thirst The Spawntown Mining Co has tunnelled deeper than they have ever before, breaking through into a new area, which has become known as ‘The Underground”Visit the Mining Co HQ in Spawntown to jump into their portal to journey to their new mines, but beware its not just ore that you will find down there!

Themed weaponry such as maces clubs, crossbows and muskets available in shops.

Find dragon stones and ride dragons in the skies Start companies and employ others, build ships and import and export cargo from city trade ports to earn money Slay players and lose reputation until you are a bandit outcast and can only trade on the black market, or help people and become a hero and get access to the Imperial Armoury.

Battle thirst and diseases as you travel through the world craft remedies and cures, or extract your disease into vials and throw them into castles to infect defenders Fight dangerous mythical mobs and mighty NPC characters Uncover massive hidden locations and secret skills and quests, chat to NPCs to uncover story plots simply by looking at them and talking.

Construct mighty factories with craft book pipes and filters, and slimefun mechanical machines.

The world is at a turning point, evil once again rises from the depths of the world to terrorise the populace , the mighty empires struggle against each other on the frontier while fighting back the darkness rising within there own cities.

Choose your race and profession with heroes and join the fight, levelling up your character, choosing from 16 different tiers with their own skills, abilities, restrictions and magic, assign experience to traits and abilities to create a unique character.