Gabrielle Union is so beautiful that any man would feel lucky to have her.I think her decision to remain with a cheating scum, like Dwyane Wade lowers the self of esteem of women all over the world. And what about that woman who cheated with him, Aja Metoyer?

Union has also received a “child” through creative energy.

Her child is her new series “Being Mary Jane” that airs January 7, 2014 at 10pm, 9C.

The publicity that she is getting from the perceived betrayal of her 4-year-relationship with boyfriend, Dwyane Wade, will bring millions of viewers to her series that would have otherwise been uninterested in tuning in the watch “Being Mary Jane”.

If you look at what has happened between Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union from the limited perspective of being a human on earth—it looks like he is the perpetrator and she is a victim.

But I am going to answer your question from a spiritual perspective.

It behooves me why someone as gorgeous, talented, and intelligent as Gabrielle Union would remain with a man who cheated on her with another woman and conceived a child.

For God sake, the man did not have the decency and respect for himself or her to use a condom.

She has been in several flicks that were very successful in the last few years.

There are few women in cinema as popular as Gabrielle Union..