So, if this is true, at least that won’t be a problem. They can go to John Travolta’s house for dinner and not be weirded out by that thing that he grows on his chin. It would be a perfect on-screen tale - Scarlet Witch falling in love with Loki.

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frequently has us (and the rest of humanity) in fits of hysterical laughter.

Which is why we’re so bummed that two of our favorite cast members — Taran Killam and Jay Pharaoh — won’t be returning for the show’s upcoming 42nd season. And Pharaoh’s expected to be kept super busy with stand-up shows around the country and several voice-acting roles in animated features.

We’re officially calling it: We expect to see a lot of him in the coming years!

He’s the grizzled veteran in a world where pilots are dinosaurs. Can computers really fly planes and out-maneuver the bogeys? Because if that were the case, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell wouldn’t be called back in to action to mentor some young bucks. In other Tom Cruise news, Page Six’s Richard Johnson says he’s dating Laura Prepon.

I just want Tom Cruise Jr, aka Taylor Lautner, to play the son-mentee.

The hookup was initially reported by GRAZIA in the UK a few month ago – not exactly the most reliable publication.

Johnson says his sources however confirm that Tom and Laura are being super undercover about their love. When has Tom Cruise ever been super undercover about his loves?

Unless of course he wants to time it to the release of (June 6). Cruise’s marriages supposedly fell apart because of his religion.

According to Perez Hilton, rumors that the pair are hooking up surfaced in March, as they play a married couple in the new musical I Saw the Light.

While sources claim their relationship is fairly "casual," they are said to have been texting each other non-stop when they're apart and seem pretty close to us.

The rumoured couple appeared to confirm their romance on Thursday when they were seen at The Wolseley restaurant before jumping in a taxi together.