Primarily, this means that we’re people with bouts of depression and hypo/mania.

Tips for dating someone with bipolar disorder dating dress up games

Some people would argue people with bipolar disorder are so broken, they shouldn’t be in relationships.

Some people would argue that we can’t have a positive impact on another person because of the disease.

Some people would argue that the disease is such a defining factor that it, and it alone, should prevent someone in being in a relationship. I know people with bipolar disorder in relationships. I have no doubt that any disease would stand in the way of parts of a relationship.

I’ve been writing about bipolar disorder and mental illness for 11 years. In no particular order, people have accused people with bipolar disorder of being: violent, manipulative, self-centered, selfish, abusive and many other negative things.

And during that time I have heard a lot of people say a lot of horrible things about people with bipolar disorder.

Certainly, if I bumped into a person with those characteristics, I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with him or her. Should people with bipolar disorder be in relationships?

( I, in no way, buy the nonsense that people spout against people with bipolar disorder.

I, personally, am not manipulative, self-centered, selfish or abusive, and I strongly suspect I’m not the only one.

Nowhere in that list of accusations is an actual symptom of bipolar disorder.