In June I had the wonderful experience of teaching for the Quilt Guilds of the British Isles, Scotland region.Everyone was warm and friendly, my students were hard-working and fun, the venue was very good, the food and drink were excellent….Scotland is one of my favorite places to visit.

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I affectionately am calling it The Mother of All Quilts…….a variety of reasons. I am using no defined technique, not sketch, no rules……nothing.

Waaaay different but I’m excited about the challenge. I just wanted to create something very difficult and different, and the background of this huge (about 100″ x 100″) piece has been a killer….wrestling all that fabric around. Unfortunately, it’s going on the shelf now until after Christmas so I can work on my Santa goodies. After all, I have a reputation (even if it’s just with myself) to maintain!

I put it together all in one piece…tidy little, or big, blocks to make and sew together. Here are a couple more details as I was assembling it.

I’m not sure I was actually in the Highlands…….I thought it was a good attention-getter!

I do know that I was in Scotland teaching and had a wonderful time!

What you see here is the background only……next comes a layer of circle appliques with bias tape edges I’ll make.

My inspiration for the appliques to come is from the amazing work of Koos Van den Akker….whom I’m a long-time fan.