Fortunately, we have five hilarious videos to help us cross this week’s finish line.

and watched a $400,000 indie flick become a worldwide sensation. ” Your first glimpse of Napoleon comes on a school bus, where he impatiently answers an innocent question about what he’s going to do today with this bit of wisdom. “Napoleon, don’t be jealous ’cause I’ve been chatting online with babes all day.

Much of the credit goes to the flick’s unforgettable dialogue, and here are 10 of the best lines in the movie. Besides, we both know that I’m training to become a cage fighter.” The rivalry between Napoleon and his brother Kip brings some of the movie’s best laugh lines, but this one is brilliant.

We’re barely halfway through August and already this summer’s become an endurance test.

Heat, humidity, and the dumbest rhetoric to ever be uttered in a political arena have all weighed on our psyche like a toxic spray tan.

That’s the intriguing yet dead-simple concept for the online reality series HIKEA — hallucinogens, vague diagrams, and lots and lots of umlauts.

(The crippling giggles and existential revelations are just a happy byproduct.) , let’s take a look back (with the help of MTV VJ Tabitha Soren) to the pivotal election at the center of the season premiere episode, “The Bunker.” Dwarfing the media coverage of the presidential candidates that year, the Ohio governor’s race was the most talked-about election in 1992 thanks in large part to steely campaign managers Alvin Panagoulious and Teddy Redbones (who are dead-ringers for Problem: You’ve been crafting toaster stencils out of sheet metal since 3 a.m.only to discover your daughter isn’t into Pokemon anymore. Well, as long as this isn’t a Banksy stunt, the Toasteroid is here to help.As seen in the product’s Kickstarter promo, the Toasteroid allows users to craft their loaf portraits with the flick of a finger in a smartphone app.(Remember when we said the most brilliant concepts stem from the simplest idea? In fact, the similarities spawned a Twitter hashtag #Make America Brannigan which highlights how Donald Trump’s bizarre statements sound fitting coming from the cartoon captain — even more so when actually spoken by Zapp’s voice actor, the great Billy West.Ignore that.) Zapp Brannigan has an arrogant, ill-informed swagger that’s awfully familiar to anyone following the chilling 2016 U. You don’t need to be a literary major to get a kick out of this short film about the harried work life of Virginia Woolf’s personal assistant.Tending to the troubled British author, comedian Gaby Dunn wades through piles of dirty clothes, siphons heavy stones out of a laundry basket — a grim reference to Woolf’s ultimate fate — and relays messages from Tilda Swinton’s disembodied head in the fireplace. ) With IFC and Rotten Tomatoes teaming up to celebrate movies too rotten to miss, we thought we’d look back at this rotten triquel, and figure out why such a lousy movie still makes us laugh so hard.