[+818, -88] So it's basically a tentative disbandment2. [+688, -22] Hul-Article: Sunye to get married next year... -Article: Sunye's marriage "It's fast but please believe in me and give me your blessings"Source: TV Daily via Nate1."It's not a shotgun marriage or group disbandment"Source: Star News via Nate1. [+519, -11] First time seeing a girl group get married in the middle of promoting...

On April 23, the former Wonder Girls member revealed the happy news that she healthily gave birth to her second daughter via her personal Facebook account, captioning: “April 22 at a.m, Ha Jin (Elisha Park), I gave a healthy home birth with the help of a midwife. Amazing grace.” She also shared photos of her cute newborn baby and her first daughter Eun Yoo. Sunye tied the knot with a Korean-Canadian missionary named James Park in January 2013, after two years of dating.

They had their first daughter Eun Yoo in October of the same year.

The news is still a bit fresh so keep in mind for the comments.

-Article: Wonder Girls leader Sunye announces wedding on January 26th Source: Financial News via Nate1.

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After years on hiatus, Sunye has officially left the Wonder Girls.

She must've been a really responsible and trustable person for them to agree to it... [+285, -14] A current idol girl group getting married.... [+223, -16] Sunye, congrats~:) I hope you have a beautiful family.

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