However no one noticed a certain student nicknamed Bluecap sneaking out of the cafeteria with tears in his eyes. And I want to tell you so much Craig sings, with a happy look on his face and then they both sing together as they lean closer. Amongst other things Kenny replies raising his eyebrows and then slowly using his teeth, pulls off Craig s hat.

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Cartman said with a look of triumph No they didn t! Yeah they only kissed for like a minute, that was the dare! But he kissed another dude, that totally makes me a fag! You sound jealous Jabba the hut Kevin stated, Cartman was about to tell him to go fuck himself but then he remembered the beating Kevin gave him recently which won him Lola s heart. Last weekend me and Kenny went on a fishing trip dressed as cowboys and ate a lot of pudding. Yeah we found this fantastic spot Stan s uncle Jimbo told me about that he goes to with his friend Ned. Both of them just lay there, waiting for the other to say something until finally Craig speaks or rather starts to sing.

Apparently they French kissed and everything, meaning Kyle s a fag! Kenny was so over excited to tell his class mates, he even pulled down his parka hood, which reminded a lot of the girls how cute he was. They both laid on the double sleeping back with there backs pressed against each other.

Seeing how Kenny and Craig went camping together, Mr Garrison allowed them to do their presentation as a joint grade effort.

The 1st day after Token s party, all of the class had agreed it was an awesome party. Cartman shouted as he came running over to his friends at there usual cafeteria table.

However like with all such events, rumors are soon to spread. He stopped and slammed his fists down HARD, causing people s food and drinks to nearly spill over. He bellowed at them but they didn t really care, the guys just wanted to finish their lunch. Kenny asked annoyed, just once he would like to eat his lunch in peace.

Craig who was sitting next to him whispered There, there sweetie. Stan noticed the how close Craig and Kenny were lately, it was nice they were all getting along especially after the whole Peru incident but there was something he couldn t put his figure on about the two at the moment.

Cartman Stan started saying angrily What the hell are you talking about?

Stan said smiling before turning to Token with a apologetic look Sorry by the way dude . Stan nod and turned back to Cartman Ok fatty what did Kyle do?

Dude I was ill, Wendy came over and made me chicken soup. I just wish Cartman would shut the fuck up and let us eat in peace. Even poor Ike who was sitting at the other end could hear him.