This requirement often persuades college students to use their parents' address, which may be less likely to change repeatedly.If you are in the military: You may register to vote in the office of the county clerk in the county in which you reside or you may register using the mail registration form.

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If you are registering to vote by mail: You must provide either your driver's license number or the last four digits of your Social Security number on your Arkansas Voter Registration Application, or check the box in #9 on the application to indicate that you do not possess either a driver's license or Social Security number.

If you check the box indicating that you do not possess either a driver's license or Social Security number, you may be required to vote a Provisional Ballot when you vote for the first time unless you submit a photocopy of one of the following with your mail-in application or at the time of voting: If you are a college student attending college OUTSIDE of your home county: You must decide which county you consider "home." If you intend to return to live in your home county, then list your parents' address as your residence.

If you do NOT intend to return there, then list your college address as your residence.

Remember: you must keep your residence address CURRENT on your voter registration.

Call 1-800-438-8683 or e-mail the program at [email protected] or visit the website at gov.

For more information, see the Arkansas Secretary of State's Military Voting information page.If you own property in more than one county: You must register to vote wherever you actually "live or reside." Owning property or a business in a county does not constitute residency there.Senate Bill 173, effective November 1, 2015, adds an exception to the limitation on the number of absentee ballots a notary may notarize for a single election, by adding the following language: "The limitation required by this subsection shall not apply to the notarizing of ballots at the place of business of a notary public during the normal business hours of the notary public; provided, however, such limitations shall apply to any agency or other entity that provides voter registration services as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 or by Sections 4-109.2 and 4-109.3 of this title." FOR FULL TEXT OF SENATE BILL 173, CLICK HERE SB 1466, signed by the Governor on April 9, 2012, limits the number of absentee ballot affidavits a notary public may acknowledge to twenty, unless written approval is obtained from the secretary of the county election board.It also requires notaries to keep a log of all absentee ballot affidavits they notarize for at least two years after the date of the election.The projected effective date for SB 1466 is August 24, 2012 (90 days after adjournment of this legislative session).FOR FULL TEXT OF SENATE BILL 1466, CLICK HERE Updating or changing information pertaining to a notary public's commission may be done online or by mail. If a notary public's address changes, the notary must inform the Secretary of State in writing within thirty (30) days after the change became effective.