So, you’ve recently broken up with your girlfriend and now you’re trying to win her back… With this in mind, is it any wonder that you’re questioning the possibility of getting her back? What follows are 6 tell-tale signs she’s still interested in you (some more subtle than others). or even straight out sex) This sign should be obvious. However, attraction in itself is not enough to keep a girl. Let her come to her own conclusions that you’re capable of giving her what she wants. She’ll take everything you have to say with a grain of salt… Sign #2: She gets jealous when you mention other girls Whenever your ex girlfriend reacts to something you say (or do) it’s a sure sign she’s still interested. Instead, just take comfort in knowing that the window opportunity to win her back is still open (if you play your cards right, that is)… One day you’re sure she can’t live without you, the next, it seems like she couldn’t care less if you’re alive or dead (figuratively speaking). Because they (mistakenly) treat it as an open invitation to jump back into the relationship. the proposition is quickly met with a hope-crushing comment such as “I think it’s best we remain friends”. A relationship lives and dies with attraction - when the latter goes the former soon follows. One word of warning: do not abuse this fact and deliberately try to make her jealous. She clearly has the upper hand and you’re not emotionally ready to handle the consequences of losing.

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If you don’t, sooner than later the tables will turn and it will be that’s blowing you off.

And if you need some space and can’t be in contact with her, politely tell her next time you see her. Sign #5: She constantly calls, texts, or Emails “just to see how you’re doing” It’s natural for your ex girlfriend to be concerned about your well-being after a breakup.

But there’s a fine line between concern and downright desire to keep you in her daily life.

If she didn’t then she wouldn’t be going through the trouble to get a reaction out of you.

She’d move on with her life without caring what you think of her (or any of her newfound “friends”).

However, many men seem to consider this a warning of worse to come.Don’t fall into this trap, and above all, don’t attempt to “get even”. It will only make her try harder to get you to react.And that’s exactly what you’re looking for if you want to win her back.Sign #4: She gets furious when you blow her off Are you starting to see a pattern here?Even a reaction such as anger should keep your hopes alive. But again, do not abuse this fact - it will come back to bite you in the…Whenever you make plans (to call, meet, etc.) - keep them.