Sexual violence is a term used to describe any non-consensual sexual act, including sexual assault, sexual abuse, date rape, stranger rape, attempted rape, incest, child sexual abuse and assault, unwanted touching, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, sexual exploitation, stalking, obscene phone calls, etc.

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Whatever you do feel, whichever way you respond is valid and therefore right for you.

There are, however, a number of common reactions you might recognise from your own experience, which by setting them out here, may enable you to realise that you are not going ‘mad’ after all, to understand better your own feelings and, perhaps, improve your ability to cope in both the short and long term.

Not all of the following will apply to you at the moment or may never fit your particular circumstance, nor is this list a complete and exhaustive catalogue of what you might feel.

• SHOCK • DISBELIEF / DENIAL • SEXUAL PROBLEMS • LOSS OF CONTROL / POWERLESSNESS • SHAME • GUILT / SELF-BLAME • DEPRESSION • FEAR • ANGER • FLASHBACKS & NIGHTMARES • RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS Finally, the best advice to give you is don’t give up; don’t lose heart, faith in yourself or society.

That may sound trite at the moment but, in time, you will not be in so much pain.

Your life will get back on track and you will move from being a survivor of a violent crime into being a thriver.

Your life will no longer dominated by this traumatic experience Remember, you are in charge of your healing journey, no one else; listen to yourself, learn to trust yourself, and take your time. D ISBN 0-8050-2928-1 The Sexual Healing Journey by Wendy MALTZ, M. W ISBN 0-06-092155-2 Cosmopolitan RAPE: your survival guide by Elizabeth UDALL ISBN 1-86105-622-2 RAPE The Misunderstood Crime by Julie a.

Some books you may find useful reading to aid your recovery:- Recovering from Rape by Linda E.

Teens can learn relationship skills in romances that will help them in adult relationships.

These include the ability to manage and regulate strong emotions, conflict negotiation skills, and how to develop and maintain intimate relationships.

In the past, teen romances have been considered relatively unimportant because they are short-lived and seemingly unstable.