With a population of 50 million roughly 1.7 million of unborn were aborted in 2007.Sure that’s some time ago but if you think about all the ‘unreported’ abortions you can imagine that the number is higher now!Granted most families want a boy so they abort girl fetuses.

South Korea in 2006 spent $25,730 million on prostitution and pornography, seconded only by China as a nation. The irony is that it’s illegal to pay for online pornography in Korea. They either go to hostess bars, anmas (안마) or pay for freelancers whose business cards litter the streets of Korea.

In spite of its ‘innocent look’ – South Korea has the highest pornography revenue per capita in 2011!

For a developed country South Korea boasts one of the highest abortion rates in the world.

While Prince‘s personal life remains somewhat of a mystery to fans, the iconic musician’s troubled final days have started to unfold — and Radar has the details. He was a good brother-in-law.” Of course, recent reports indicate that Prince had possibly been struggling with an opiate addiction, which often causes drowsiness. Quinn Strobl did not directly address a possible drug overdose in his initial statement following Prince’s autopsy, but sources say it’s a possibility.

According to brother-in-law Maurice Phillips, married to Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson, the legendary pop star and devout Jehovah’s Witness hadn’t been sleeping at all leading up to his sudden death. In some cases, however, users can been kept awake using “downers” like Percocet, one of the drugs Prince allegedly used. “As part of a complete exam, relevant information regarding [Prince’s] medical and family history, will be gathered,” Quinn’s statement read.

“Anything which could be relevant to the investigation will be taken into consideration.” Meanwhile, Prince’s family and friends gathered for a private funeral for the “Purple Rain” singer at the Paisley Park studios just hours after his body was secretly cremated.He was 57 at the time of his death and was found at am on April 21 in the elevator of the studio.Phillips told Radar that a massive public musical memorial is also “in the works” in Prince’s honor."Pretty Little Liars" just dropped some major bombs.We know a lot could happen in five years, but some of these developments are truly heartbreaking.In the "5 Years Forward" special that aired Tuesday night, the "Pretty Little Liars" Powers That Be, along with the cast and crew, gave us some much needed insight into what the Liars have been up to the last five years and the future mysteries that lie ahead.