Basically, my advice to all who will listen is simple: DON’T FEED THE TROLLS!Never reply to or try to explain yourself to a troll. They’re not interested in truth, fellowship, or council.They feed off anguish, and hope to gain access to your audience (most trolls only have tiny followings—if any at all—on their own webpages and social sites) in order to legitimize or make a name for themselves while increasing overall misery. This is where something even more sinister than mental instability comes into play.

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And while their audiences are very tiny at this time, their contaminated spirits threaten to take root and could explode under the coming legions that will fuel the empire of the Son of Perdition.

Simply put, the words of Jesus that “ye shall know them by their fruits” (Matt. These instructions of Christ should serve as a warning to all believers to monitor their motives, to examine their hearts, if truly they are altruistic or if in fact they are energized by selfish ambition, because the latter is the Lucifer-effect that Antichrist will use to energize the coming war between Christian vs. [iii] Rebecca Evans, “The Internet Unlocked Something Dark in Humanity,” March 24, 2013, read or respond to anything once it’s obvious we are dealing with a troll.

Christian, a time when it will be eternally important to know you are on the right side. I’ve recommended the same process to other large ministries, which followed suit and later thanked me.

Religious “Christians”, not atheists or unbelievers per se, form the largest part of the swelling ranks of warfare aimed at criticizing true Bible-based works.

Because such discontents cannot stop people from hearing God’s prophets, they (and the spirit they allow to channel through them) at a minimum seek to divide and confuse ungrounded babes in Christ who, while seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus, end up online.

Those who would destabilize these believers have always existed, of course.

I witnessed ingrates in every town where I pastored throughout the 1970s–1990s.

With that in mind, the next time you are online reading some troll’s diatribe about Carl Gallups, Chuck Missler, Gary Stearman, Steve Quayle, L. Marzulli, Cris Putnam, Jonathan Cahn, Josh Peck, Gonz Shimura, Joel Richardson, yours truly, or any of the other current favorite targets, ask yourself if the hatchet people attacking them ever bothered to obey Scripture and go to the person PRIVATELY with their concerns in a loving spirit of restoration (they haven’t), and then “be careful little eyes what you read,” because these scripture-guideline-stomping destructive forces seek to contaminate your mind and spirit (see Prov.

–27) in order to draw YOU TOO over to the dark side.