"Of course, some people also gave online."Funds raised from Urbana 15 surpassed totals collected during Urbana 12 when $800,000 was donated by attendees, according to the Inter Varsity website. At least 12 organizations were listed on the Urbana website, from the Boys and Girls Club located in Ferguson, Missouri, and Wycliffe Bible Translators with offices worldwide, to organizations overseas in the Middle East, such as Elam Ministries in Iran and Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach situated in Palestine.Govier said the funds raised will go to Urbana's many missions partners, in both the U. For each organization, Urbana provides details on its website as to how the funds it donates will be put to use.For example, monies donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater St. strengthen and bring healing to specifically the Ferguson community through youth mentoring, leadership development, and educational programs."For the Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach "the Urbana 15 offering will go towards production of audio visuals and multimedia Christian material that will be used to teach the people that Jerusalem Evangelist[ic] Outreach encounters."Generous monetary donations were only one of the many positives that resulted from the triennial conference.

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Following its five-day student missions conference which drew 16,000 attendees, Urbana 15 released figures on New Year's Day summarizing major milestones reached by the organization and its participants — among those accomplishments, raising over $940,000.

Urbana announced the fundraising feat via Twitter, sharing the good news with more than 11,000 followers.

"$940K+ Raised for our missions partners around the world," read the graphic posted to the social media site on Jan. The funds were raised "the old fashioned way," said Inter Varsity Internet editor and media relations liaison Gordon Govier in an email shared with The Christian Post Wednesday.

During a single night of Urbana 15, donations were deposited into collection buckets dispersed throughout the Edward Jones Dome where the conference was held, Govier explained.

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"It was emphasized at Urbana and it's emphasized on campus."Govier shared a statement from Urbana Director Tom Lin about his hopes for conference attendees and for furthering God's global mission."At Urbana 15, we challenged participants to tell Jesus' story with their own lives, and to learn from stories that are different than theirs," said Lin. Urbana is co-hosted by Inter Varsity/USA, Inter-Varsity Canada, and Groupes Bibliques Universitaires et Collégiaux du Canada.

"I pray that this generation will give their whole hearts to Jesus and surrender their lives for God's global mission."On New Year's Day, Lin tweeted that the next Urbana student missions conference will be Dec. Founded in 1941, Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship/USA is an inter-denominational, Evangelical campus ministry that establishes and promotes witnessing communities of students and faculty.