"Engaging in adolescent sexual activity goes against the values and religious beliefs of many people and can be associated with emotional trauma." —2."For example, if the age of consent in a state is 18, two 17-year-old teens who engage in sexual activity are breaking the law.People who are arrested for and convicted of breaking sexual laws can go to jail.

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Something the state of Texas isn't incredibly good at is equipping its public school students with good, comprehensive information about sex that might help them make healthy choices as they grow up.

Not only is Texas one of many states that straight-up doesn't require schools to teach sex education to students, but even when it does, the information is skewed, to put things nicely.

The focus is 100 percent on abstinence; contraception and condoms are never mentioned in any of the approved textbooks, and there are a bunch of allusions to "evidence" that never actually appear in the text.

got a hold of four of them, read them, and pulled out 21 real quotes that stand out.1.

A penis going into a vagina to make new human life. "Engaging in sexual activity poses a risk to your emotional and physical health." —!

And the book doesn't elaborate at all on how you can avoid those risks. This is like telling people, "If you want to avoid the risk of being caught in a building fire, don't go into buildings."8. "Remaining abstinent until you are in a stable, committed relationship, such as marriage, will help you to avoid feeling regretful later." —9. So, this leads me, the uninformed reader, to believe two 17-year-olds having sex with each other could very well be registered sex offenders, even with consent. This is definitely a message you want to be sending teenagers.That's not a damaging message to send at all (It is, it really is.)4. Being labeled by peers as 'easy' can make it difficult for a teen to build new and healthy relationships." —So then, are you just supposed to have sex and lie about it?It seems to me like teens might benefit from talking to their parents about sex, instead of feeling like they have to lie about it in order for their parents to love them.6."Sexual intercourse is the reproductive process in which the penis is inserted into the vagina and through which a new human life may begin." —And that's all it is, folks.