This day the younger teens (13-15 year olds) walked over to the very elegant Gaborone Sun Hotel, where a wonderful Kenyan performer, Momo, plays Afro-Caribbean music regularly.Momo, a renowned musician, had arranged with the hotel owner for his band to play for the group outside on the lawn where weddings are usually held.He taught them some dance steps while the band played with loud amplifiers, just like they perform for wealthy hotel guests in the evenings.

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The morning was very cold, even for July in Botswana.

Most teenagers I know would not venture out of bed early in morning on a Saturday, especially during their mid- term break, for any reason, so I was not expecting to see many teens when I rose early to catch a bus for the capital city to arrive in time for the monthly Teen Club where I have been volunteering.

I too was reluctant to wake up early again since I had been away in the bush on vacation for the week and had to awaken very early to catch a bus to Gaborone.

When I arrived at the Baylor Clinic around am, there was a large number of teens already there.

As I predicted, more teens arrived within the next hour or so as the weather warmed up.

(This is very understandable since many of the teens have no heat in their homes and no funds to buy warm clothes.Instead they usually rely on standing in the sun whenever possible to keep warm.) The chilly morning started off with some aptly-named “ice-breakers.” Most teens are very shy so these circle activities that are fun and require lots of movement literally warm everyone up.Then, because Teen Club has grown to now over 100 regular participants with attendance growing each month, the members are divided into two groups.I was teamed with a Setswana-speaking Motswana who taught English in the schools. One had been suspended from Teen Club for several months for improper behavior (perhaps drinking, using illegal drugs or not taking his anti-retroviral medications (ARVs)). First, our group was told to map their village and indicate where the boys and girls hang out together.This topic was a personal one and needed to be addressed in Setswana to make teens feel at ease. Some of the teens in the group were students from my village and I learned a lot.We started off with an introduction of the topic by two well-spoken Teen Leaders who had most of us laughing while introducing this sensitive subject close to their hearts. I’ve been working at the senior secondary school for the past year yet I had not previously known where the boys and girls hung out after school.