When I joined Second Life, I was curious about the sex thing.I knew people were having virtual sex all over SL, but I didn't know how that worked or what it involved.It took some research for me to find out; what I really wanted was a breakdown of how everything was done.

The scene usually involves an animation or three (more on that in a moment).

Some people are all watching and clicking and no chat, while others may not care much about animations and are mostly fired up by the chat. Second, some stern reminders:- This entry is not about how to have sex with me.

Please don't read it and then go proposition me ... - I'm not telling you that you should have sex in SL, just letting you know how it’s done. Then let's cover the basics: To have sex in Second Life, you usually need at least one partner, one or more animations, a place to go, and sometimes some virtual equipment. I recommend finding them by going somewhere where people like to hook up and then being charming and terribly attractive, but there are always other options. Here are your options: Built-in animations: You buy these, then run them when you need them.

You might want to think twice about doing anything with it if, for instance, you have a RL partner who would be hurt to know about it. If they're two-or-more-person animations, the animation asks your pretty friend or friends if they want to let the animation take over, and if so, you're in business. You can get couches, beds, rugs, and other kinds of furniture with animations built in.

For piece with a menu, you "touch" the piece of furniture (right click, then select touch) and a list of options pops up on your screen in blue.

Clicking on an option usually gives you some pose balls, which you'll hear about in just a sec. Pose balls: These can be on furniture or just lying around above the ground or in a pool or ... It's too bad there aren't more pose balls floating around in mid air for flying enthusiasts (to you pose ball designers and buyers: hint, hint).

But you should know that you can generally touch the furniture again to change the animation (say, from kissing to heavy petting), swap places, and sometimes to do other things. To use a pose ball, you right click on it, then select the "Sit here" box, which is sometimes updated to say things like "Love" or "Force her" or "Pump!

In case you wanted to know, though, here's all of that laid out for you.

First of all, here are two things you should probably know about sex in Second Life:- A lot of it seems to have to do with yearnings and desires people have that aren't fulfilled in Real Life, so the kinkiness rating is way up there for a lot of folks.

Not all avatars are human, and it's easier to scare up partners in some ways than in real life, so multiplesomes are not rare.

Plenty of gay and lesbian sex, BDSM, furry sex, and other flavors are out there.- The actual pleasure in virtual sex comes (sorry, no pun intended) in the form of chat and the scene in front of you.