She has appeared in numerous small television roles and in feature films that range from dramas to those in the horror genre.

She is currently recording with " (2003) and "" (2004).

Taylor-Compton recently finished filming the television movie "Love's Unfolding Dream" which premiered on November 24, 2007.

She has one more horror film yet to be released; the 2008 film "Pearblossom".

2009 will see Taylor-Compton alongside ] Taylor-Compton explains about her father's profession, " [I] grew up in that whole [horror] genre and visiting my dad at the mortuary. [...] whether it was a coffin or my dad bringing his work home.

After a school coach from Granite Hills High School told police that one of his students had been telling of having an actress in his home, Taylor-Compton was found in good health, and there were no reports of criminal activity in her time missing.

In that time she had dyed her hair black and hid when officers arrived on scene, but was soon returned to her parents after speaking with an officer.[cite web| title= BDTV Exclusive: Interview With 'Halloween' Star Scout Taylor-Compton | publisher=| url= My friends would never want to come over because of that." She claims to be a In a 2003 biography, she was said to have enjoyed volleyball, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics and roller-blading as well.According to the biography she has had four cats named Sprocket, Jordan, Baby, Zooey, and two dogs, Bear and Lexi; currently, Taylor-Compton no longer has Sprocket or Bear.and was reported missing after an apparent family disagreement; she was missing for a total of two weeks.She had been sleeping in a playground before meeting a family who offered her shelter.