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“They were whispering and staring into each other's eyes,” the insider told This latest report comes just weeks after witnesses caught Leonardo Di Caprio and Rihanna flirting (and possibly kissing) at the Playboy mansion.

The stars also vacationed together in St Bart’s during New Year’s Eve.

But other insiders say Di Caprio may have just been a wingman during this island vacation.

Rihanna was also with the actor’s pal Richie Akiva in St Bart’s, and some believe she’s actually dating the club owner.

And Akiva really raised eyebrows when he gave Rihanna a shout-out on the microphone before the DJ played one of her songs.

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“If anyone else had done that, she would’ve been pissed.” So who is Richie Akiva?

Rihanna may not be hooking up with Leonardo Di Caprio after all. star, but now reports say she really has her eyes on his pal, NYC club owner Richie Akiva.

Despite reports the singer went clubbing with the A-list actor on Valentine's Day, she may actually be dating the clubs' owner, Richie Akiva. Sources say Rihanna hung out with Di Caprio last Friday in New York City, clubbing it at 1 OAK and Up & Down.

The following night, which was Valentine’s Day, they both went to a Paul Mc Cartney Concert in Irving Plaza.

A witness said the two stood close to each other throughout the show before ducking out together.