I'm in Seat B 5 at the Ryman on New Year's Eve, thinking of you!—George Schenk To: My mom, Thea, and my brother Mark in Nymegen, The Netherlands, who listened to the podcast of Nov 25 to hear a message from my adopted home, Cincinnati, and were disappointed. Then again, my name was chanted often in the Dec 23 broadcast! —Hanneke (sounds like the holiday) Mey To: Phyllis Wright Phyllis Wright -- Congratulations on your retirement from 35 years as the Home Extension Rep from Penn State University.

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I am wondering why not include a few sentences about their authors, although I like hearing about other authors.?

—Mary Wood To: Mom and Dad Mom and Dad, I can't belive you're finally seeing the show live in NYC after more than 23 years listening on the radio.

Good thing I found a man who likes to listen to Prairie Home Companion.

Love, Bonnie —Bonnie Butkas To: To the 8th Grade at Hawthorne Valley School Dear 8th Grade, Good Luck with your research papers which are due on next Monday!

To: (Lutheran) Chaplain Major Richard Graves Welcome home Chappy G. May 2007 bring you a portion of the peace and joy you have so humbly helped others to find. Love, Melvin —Melvin Donaldson To: Heather Hale You've been lucky enough to have had New Year's Eve in Christchurch, NZ many hours ago!

We are so grateful that you are finally getting to celebrate a New Year's Eve back in the U. Have a blessed 2007, Suzanne & David —Suzanne & David Raddle To: Thursday Hikers Thanks for the splendid hiking in the Smokies in 2006. As a KIWI, you may have a fruit named after you, but you were already ripe, sweet, and luscious! Maybe hearing this greeting on air will convince you that A Prairie Home Companion is not just a movie and is in fact still on the air. 31) Gatlinburg, TN —George Schenk To: Uncle Dan and Aunt Heidi Greetings from Washington.Have a wonderful semester with your new teachers, love from your faithful old History and English teacher Mrs.Weyerts —Linda Pye To: Jim Byrnes Born in 1934 to a baker - with 11 brothers and sisters - a perfect bakers dozen.Known as Dad, Pop Pop, Coach, Teacher, friend and Sweet Pea. (Jim and Family will be in attendence at Town Hall Friday - December 29th).