Change Your belief system We manifest our beliefs and attract that which we fear to us so that we can have the experience, and no longer be afraid. We cannot expect someone to come knocking on our doors. A sense of personal worth, security and genuinely being happy for other’s good fortune, opens up joy and creativity for yourself.

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They have the same problems, finding good women that women have finding good men. Secondly, we must decide what it is that we love to do. The happier you are when you are single, paradoxically, the more chance you will have to meet someone you like and who likes you. Follow the 7 tips below There is a movement going on in the world, through self-help avenues, surrounding the topic of scarcity.

This includes getting out of the house and being actively engaged in a hobby. Remember when you couldn’t decide which shoes to buy, because five different pair looked so darling? Try these simple tools to cultivate an abundance mind. The key is to feel good about yourself, confident and interested in your own life.

Every minute, some new romance lights up a spot the globe. ‘Even if I met someone, he wouldn’t like me when he really got to know me.’ Fall in love with yourself and your own life and develop gratitude for what you have.

She said, “Maybe I can do better.” Julie had a case of thinking. ” The other says, “There’s not enough love to go around.” Both extremes cause you think of love in terms of numbers. Love happens at the right time, between the right people. Notice the tree outside your window, the neighbor who feeds your cat when you’re out of town, the variety of leftovers in your fridge. Watch if you tend to catastrophize or criticise yourself a lot eg.

Your person waits out there – for the exact right time. In the meantime, you meet all kinds of people who are not that one person. It’s the fastest way to make yourself feel miserable.

It brings the right challenges, so you can learn – all in just the right timing and sequence. Also check whether you are only attracted to ‘unavailable men.’ Stop comparing yourself to others.

If you feel desperate and needy or are attracted to ‘players’ or think that nice men are ‘beige’ and boring, you may miss out on some great guys that are available.

You will have so many men after you that you’ll be asking, “How do I turn men away without hurting their feelings? Follow the 4 tips below Julie had a commitment problem. But when she got serious with Brad, the guy she’d secretly loved for years, she felt suddenly surrounded by cute, eligible bachelors. Accept things as they are right now and start every day as a new beginning, full of fresh possibilities.

So often, women of age have learned to be so self-sufficient that they project the picture of not needing anyone. Being friendly, vulnerable and happy is an unbeatable combination. Replace them with what you can and will do right now.