We spend a lot of time together talking, asking questions, laughing, and just being stupid together.We both love playing sports, learning new things, and traveling to new and unknown places. Ceremony: Branson Hills Golf Clubhouse The ceremony will take place inside of the Branson Hills Clubhouse Hors D'oeuvres and Dancing to follow at D'Monaco Twenty minutes south of Branson Hills, this waterfront resort overlooks Table Rock Lake.

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We’ve heard of singing on top of your lungs, but a Carrie Underwood fan recently sang so hard that it warranted a trip to the hospital.

Safe to say, he was blown away by the Ottawa concert, almost literally.

We grew up together with many of the same friends and got to know each other more closely through youth group at church.

We began dating in high school and now nearing the end of college, we are ready to get married!

Sara was Natalie's maid of honor in her wedding, and now its time for Natalie to return the favor!

Jeanna is currently Sara's roommate, but they have grown close with years of friendship.Jeanna is hilarious, truthful, and sassy, which makes the two get along great!They also share a love of travel and going on road trips.Sara and Aleana met a few years ago and instantly became good friends.They share many of the same interests such as sports, a love for the outdoors, and they happen to look like twins. Bekah is Sara's future sister in law, but she is also one of her best friends!They have grown closer in the past few years, been in multiple weddings together, and have been roommates too.