Apparently she thinks he’s “unbelievably handsome”. So because she’s not that famous yet in her own right (though well on her way), she’s the one who’s lucky to be with him. But several of you sent me some videos last week of her performing. But there’s a certain image modification both could use to extend their demographics. A reader called “e v” wondered last week if Robert Pattinson could handle this. Pattinson’s romantic preferences are not Efron’s romantic preferences. Do you believe Robert Pattinson could satisfy FKA twigs?

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The source added: "The main thing for Tahliah is that the relationship remains low key.

"She wants to be known for her music, not just as 'Robert Pattinson's girlfriend'.

The girl Robert Pattinson was photographed with last week?

The 'Twilight Saga' star is said to have a blossoming romance with the singer - whose real name is Tahliah Barnett - and the couple have reportedly been going on dates together for a "month or so".

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "It's the real deal between Rob and Tahliah.

"They had been able to keep their relationship secret until recently, but they've already smitten."He's been taking her on dates for the last month or so, and has even flown her out to stay with him in New York. Lea and Rob have mutual friends and were seen getting cozy at Milo & Olive restaurant on Monday (May 9) in Santa Monica, Calif.“They were sitting at the bar all cuddly,” an onlooker told the mag.“He pushed her chair in for her and everything.” Another source said, “They were interlocked the whole time they were sitting at the counter, like arms wrapped around each other at their seats and rubbing each other’s backs…at one point …they had either just kissed or were super close talking.” Lea recently split from longtime boyfriend Matthew Paetz.