An eyewitness tweeted on June 20 that she saw Rob and Dakota at the same party.

Barnett was raised by her mother and stepfather, and did not meet her father, a jazz dancer, until she was 18.2. Riki Knight aka bubba lips wearing Burberry and dancing to Nelly - Dilema ft.

FKA Twigs Is Born: The singer was nicknamed "twigs" because of the way her joints crack, and when it came to coming up with a stage name she decided to add the acronym FKA ("Formerly Known As") to her moniker because American pop duo The Twigs already took the name. She continues to dance her heart out, and spends countless hours perfecting her choreography (which you can witness on her Instagram).5.

But the young star made sure to let fans know that FKA Twigs is an alter ego or character."i want to clarify that twigs is not a character that ive created, twigs and tahliah are one and the same. Music Is Coming: FKA Twigs' debut album, , was released last month and is getting rave reviews. Her First Kiss Was Kinda Precious: For whatever reason, Barnett recalled her first kiss on Twitter a few months ago, and we can't help but chuckle a little at the tale.

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actor is currently spending a lot of time with British singer FKA twigs (whose real name is Tahliah Barnett) after a mutual friend introduced the two. News initially learned that the two are "not quite" in a relationship, but friends definitely thought that she is his type and that things could go from friendly to romantic in a flash.

And they were right, because shortly after, sources told us that the two were "officially an item." So with this new romance blossoming between the two, it's only right that we get to know FKA Twigs a little better, right? Barnett's Background: FKA Twigs was born January 16, 1988.

"the last two years have been the most testing of my entire life.

The two reunited shortly after, and after dating on and off they officially split once again in May 2013.