File for joint custody before finalizing the divorce.

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Will you ever get past the pain of a previous relationship and feel comfortable in a new relationship?

What about your children – is it bad for them to see you date?

With the divorce rate hovering at 50%, millions of women struggle with the issue of reclaiming a dating life for themselves after getting divorced.

Particularly when there are children involved, the thought of dating again seems to be a dangerous proposition.

But by considering the following questions, you may find that dating after divorce becomes much easier to do over time. Whatever the reason your marriage broke up, you or your partner initiated a divorce, and now, hopefully, you’re both ready to move on.

But old behavioral patterns die hard, and for someone who spent years in a committed relationship, it may be difficult for you to date without it somehow feeling like a betrayal.Understanding that what’s in your head and in your heart are two different things, so do some reality-checking from time to time.Remind yourself that you are entitled to a blank slate in a new dating situation, and that it’s okay to flirt and even be intimate, once you’re emotionally ready to do so.Until you do feel ready, take any new relationship slowly.Why do I keep picking the same guy in every relationship?Do you ever feel like you’re in the middle of a remake of Groundhog Day?