You will notice in the picture above I started wrapping the hair around the tong a third of the way down the length of the hair.

So here it is ladies, all my tips and tricks on creating that effortless, done-yet-un-done hair and that radiant, contoured, glowing complexion that highlights your features & shows off all your best assets… Separate each of these into as least 3-4 sections and blow dry.

Note; Blow fry the top section forward over the face.

This will help the hair to sit beautifully across your forehead after we have tonged.

Ever wonder how celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Lara Bingle manage to always look so effortlessly beautiful in their #selfies?

Well, here I share the secrets I share with my celebrity clientele on how to create that cool, sexy, beautiful look that has people thinking you didn’t even try!

We’re all taking them, whether it’s for your Facebook profile or your weekly selfie-Sunday update on Instagram, and even more recently, your Tinder profile.

On the launch of what Grazia UK describes as ‘The none rejection dating app”, Tinder has changed the way people look & talk about online dating – less taboo, and a lot more socially acceptable than ever before. There is a simple 3 step process to achieving this done-yet-un-done loose wave that everyone can follow. It builds volume without weighing the hair down and works as a conditioner and de-tangler for those drier mid-lengths and ends.

Making Waves Step 2; I find the middle part works best for this sort of wave, it allows the hair to fall down each side of the face framing it perfectly.

Divide the hair into 2 inch sections starting on each side of the face and working your way back.

Spray each section ever so lightly with KMS Hair Stay Medium Hold Spray before wrapping the hair around a medium size tong going away from the face.

I used H2D Tong as it has 3 inter-changeable sized barrels (small, medium and large).