Delete works also, dropping the row after the AJAX call. However, with Update, the fields turn to edit boxes, you enter your changes, and those are visible.After Update is called, the fields change back to the original values (before typing the changes).

radcombobox selectedvalue not updating-20

Roles come back as a comma separated string and the procedure that inserts them can handle it like: 'Role1, Role2' as parameter But in edit/insert mode, I need to fill the Rad Combo Box and the checkboxes so I can select any of the ones I have. And I have seen use reading the text property of the griddataitem with the following, so I tried to modify the text But that doesn't work, because the Text property is readonly.

I think I am not setting the griddataitem, so I looked into it...

For updating I need to do the same thing obviously, plus then I need to set the initial state. Thank you so much, been puzzling on this for a long time...

: SRuben: I faced a similar issue in that the text of the selection that I made in a dropdownlist imbedded in an Edit Item Template when editing existing or inserting new records was not updating the database.

The code change suggested for Scott did not work in my case. I am calling the Bind Web Data Grid in the Page_Load.

If the page is a post back, the page_load is exited with a return statement. Hello Jay, Please, note the difference between Simple and Advanced databinding as demonstrated in the linked online examples and the related help topics.

I have this in a method, because I was also trying to call the Bind Web Data Grid after every insert/update/delete, by calling it in the corresponding events. In your case, you need to use Advanced databinding, i.e. Regards, Tsvetoslav the Telerik team I have removed any calls to bind the grid, except for in the Need Data Source event.

This code is loosely based on several of the demos. The Update, Insert, and Delete operations are all handled by events, not through Linq directly.

The main issue I'm having right now is that when I save data through my external form and call e. The Insert and Delete operations both work as intended.