Ever since, I notice how my views were completely informed by three prominent stereotypes of Asian men.1) The Evil Master Criminal Based on the Fu-Man Chu character, this evil conniver is always scheming to rip someone off, sell innocent women/girls into slavery, and profit from the sale of drugs and guns. (starring Halle Berry), Sanada plays powerful men whose motives are not what they seem.In both sci-fi thrillers his characters are more than willing to incur human collateral damage in the name of personal and corporate interests.

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A few year’s ago, I was led to look deeply into my white privilege and challenge my own bias as I realized I didn’t find Asian men attractive.

Admittedly, this acknowledgment was mortifying, but necessary, for it demolished a big blind spot I hadn’t seen before.

My idea of Asian men had been completely constructed around what I saw in the media—not by my personal experience.

Last week we had a rather lively Facebook debate around white privilege.

Now while a few FB friends acknowledged their privilege, it seems that a handful of folks still don’t quite get it.

Which is fine and we’re not going to lambaste anyone for their hard earned views.

But, given that we are an educational site this unresolved online interaction does seem worthy of re-sharing this post.

A post that sheds light on what so many can’t seem to see in their everyday lives–racism.

Or as in the case of this post (and the topic of Hipster racism that’s lighting up the interwebs) what’s called Retro Racism. He’s just a friend, not anything else, he’s really nice, but just a friend…He’s Asian.” What I found interesting about her unintended confession was that what she said rings true for so many progressive women. When I first met her in 10th grade, I remember her speaking Korean to her parents.