You will use the Engineering Design Process to design your mirror and pick parts that will all fit together (this is different from the Scientific Method, which you may be more familiar with).

Read this project to find out not only how this illusion works, but how to design and build your very own infinity mirror from scratch. It actually consists of two mirrors — a regular mirror and a one-way mirror — with light emitting diodes (LEDs) sandwiched between them.

When the LEDs are turned off, the infinity mirror acts just like a regular mirror.

But when the LEDs are turned on, the infinity mirror looks like a brightly lit tunnel that stretches off to infinity.

This engineering design project will show you how to build your own infinity mirror.

To learn more about the physics behind how an infinity mirror actually works, see the Bibliography.

Before you get started with this project, watch this introductory video to learn more about infinity mirrors and how they are built: In this project, you will follow a general set of directions to build an infinity mirror.The exact size, shape, and color of your infinity mirror are up to you.Adult supervision is required when using any sharp cutting tools or power tools to cut plexiglass.Always wear safety glasses or goggles when cutting brittle materials such as plexiglass.Some tools (in particular, hot glue guns and soldering irons) can cause serious burns. Do you want to trick friends and visitors with an amazing optical illusion?In this engineering design project you will learn how to build an infinity mirror,with built-in lights that make the mirror look like a deep tunnel with no end. Explore Optical Illusions: Build an Infinity Mirror.