Most Adderall users possess higher-than-average intelligence. With or without Adderall, they are uniquely capable people, and are often pursing various “brainy” goals like staying competitive at prestigious universities, succeeding at intellectually-challenging careers, and thinking of all kinds of smart things they’d like to do with their life.What’s more, the verbal intelligence of the average Adderall abuser is typically quite high. Plus, just because you’re smart does not mean that you’re confident, and it sure as hell doesn’t mean that you’re always .

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This is why it’s often even harder for people to the weight you gain when you quit Adderall (see Lilah’s post for lots more on this).

You will be your attractive self again just as soon as you develop an exercise habit (I’ve also seen girls totally shed their post-Adderall pounds after a few months, like a rebound effect). Put your silly little project away and come take your math test with the rest of the class.

Adderall takers are frequently “creative types.” These are people who have a bug in them to add all kinds of new things to the world. As mentioned above, most Adderall takers are uniquely smart and creative people.

To paint, to write, to photograph, to create new types of businesses. What separates them however is that instead of being boosted by their talents, they are things, to squeeze every inch of their value onto the world. As smart and talented as everyone tells them they are, they will never believe it themselves until they’ve proven it a thousand times over…probably not even then.

This is their talent, but also their curse, as it’s often hard for a creative type to settle for a monotonous daily grind (hence, Adderall). But I think there’s a difference between having creativity and having a creative personality type. The average brain surgeon is more valuable to society and far smarter than the average homeless graffiti “artist,” but the graffiti artist is more likely to have a creative personality type (I didn’t do a study on that, I’m just trying to clarify my point.) More precisely, I mean that most people who are attracted to Adderall tend to have overly-abstracted, emotionally-driven personalities (think NF if you’re familiar with MBTI Types) that often lend themselves better to creative endeavors that don’t pay well (painting, acting, etc) than they do to more traditional roles (doctor, lawyer, code monkey). This makes them work like crazy and strive for unrealistic heights of perfection with everything they do. The average Adderall abuser is a perfectionist at all times, but often doesn’t have the will to act on it, much to the dismay of their own inner critic.

Adderall gives the user the energy and focus to try and do smart. Adderall abusers want to be successful like other smart people.

Two musicians battle for a little girl’s single dollar in the Pixar Short “One Man Band”. Even though Adderall takers are smart and overachieving, they’re also creative-centric, which often means they can’t properly channel their smarts and ambition into an existing, world-approved mold. They want people to see them for the star that they are.

Now, the initial response to this is “well of course they’re all attractive…they’ve got speed to burn off any fat.” But I think it’s more than that.

Without fail, when I meet a new Adderall user in person after getting to know them online, my first thought is usually “wow…they’re really attractive.” This goes for girls and guys (to the extent that I can judge guy attractiveness).