I could see the spirit of the world trying to pull him away from our family and take him into a dark world.Within our home there was suddenly a lot of turmoil.

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Public speaking is known as the #1 fear among people today. Death is #3.) Though we don’t know have the stats, we’re pretty sure that public praying is a common fear too.

But praying out loud isn’t so hard when you learn a few simple tips.

When we’re in a tough spot, we’re likely to pray more.

Most people understand that prayer is important, for it is one way we can connect to God.

I prayed the Glorious Mysteries because I was interceding for my son’s resurrection.

While meditating on the Glorious Mysteries, I claimed for my son the grace of each mystery.For example: The first glorious mystery is the Resurrection.But most people confess that they don’t pray enough. In his 2002 Apostolic Letter, “On The Most Holy Rosary,” written to mark the inauguration of the Year of the Rosary, Pope John Paul II quotes Pope Leo XIII: “The rosary is an effective spiritual weapon against the evils affecting society.” In the tradition of the Church there are many stories of healing and deliverance through the prayer of the Holy Rosary.Mary’s month of May seems like a good time to share a personal testimony of the power of the Rosary for healing and deliverance in the family.In the year 2000 our son was a teenager going through a very rough time.