This game is made by Makdad Othmane Production ( Thanks to Him ), now you can play Pro Evolution Soccer game in your Play Station 2. Some peeps made a beatuful patch for Play Station 2 games.

Well, with PTE PES 2016 Patch 5.0 the problem can be solved, hehe.

Inside This patch is embedded a wide variety of updates that you can make PES 2016 more fun to play, such as updating the transfer of players, clubs and national team jersey update, update balls, shoes update, update the player’s face and hair, and many more of course.

Oh ya, Datapack 3.00 with content Euro 2016 has also been added to PTE Patch 5. you know.

2013 Patch 5.0 - The New Season - will be released in early August and will update 2013 Patch with all the latest 13-14 summer transfers as well as with new kits, faces and balls.

New Features 2013 Patch 5.0 - The New Season Cara Pake: 1.

extrak file hasil donlotan.copy keempat filenya ke folder instalan pes 2.

jalankan/dobel klik pes-edit update.exe,klik tombol power pada monitor yg muncul 3.

Because of its popularity, a lot of the modder who made a patch for this game that can be played better, one of which is PTE Patch which I will share this time.

PTE PES 2016 Patch 5.0 is the best patch for PES 2016 Patch is more complete and stable than other patches.

I mean stable last point rarely encountered bugs or errors in the game.

If you play PES 2016 without the patch, certainly the English league teams are not correspond name and the stage is very little.