Paulina is in fact vacationing in Hawaii right now, she keeps us up to date on her whereabouts on her infamous Instagram and just this morning she posted a photo of a rainbow over Hawaii: And she's been there for a while, she posted a photo of herself in a bikini captioned "Aloha" a week ago, probably while she and Johnson were spending some quality time before the lollapalooza.Golf is also reporting that Gretzky was present at the lollapalooza and followed Johnson as he golfed the course.There are no photos of the couple together yet, but we assume Paulina will post one on her Instagram any day now.

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slyly reported yesterday that pro-golfer Dustin Johnson is dating Wayne Gretzky's daughter, and social media star, Paulina Gretzky.

reporter Alan Shipnuck reported on the 36-hole lollapalooza in Hawaii that kicked off the PGA's 2013 season, and added this little tidbit (emphasis ours): "If the laid-back Johnson looked strangely comfortable on the Plantation Course it comes from the extra time he's spent here.

Needing to break in new irons and a new driver, Johnson arrived early and played six practice rounds.

(That also allowed him to spend some quality time with his new squeeze Paulina Gretzky.)" Well, that's news to us.

The site reported that he is serving a six-month suspension from the PGA Tour as a result of his last drug test.

The talented golfer also denied reports that he had been to rehab - saying he hired a 'life coach' and a team of clinicians to hep him 'simplify' his life.

However, he said he never underwent treatment for any addiction.

ran into Wayne in West Hollywood where they asked him if he ever lets his son-in-law, Dustin Johnson, win when they play golf together.

Considering that Johnson is a pro golfer, it might take some serious skill to turn against him, something that his father-in-law never does.